Watermelon Seed Oil & Why You Should Be Using It
June 25, 2019

Watermelon Seed Oil & Why You Should Be Using It

With summer now in full swing, we’ve got one thing on our mind: watermelons. OK and glowing, fresh summer skin. And what happens when you combine the most delicious fruit (it’s a fact) and the desire for a healthy complexion? Watermelon seed oil, obviously!

If you want to get all scientific about how you get this type of oil— and we kinda love this stuff —watermelon seeds are extracted from the seed casing and left to dry out in the hot sun. Then, these seeds are pressed, and voila! That’s when the actual oil is extracted and formed. From that process, you’re left with an ingredient that is majorly helpful to the skin for a bunch of reasons:

Contains unsaturated fatty acids: Similar to when it’s in chocolate, these fatty acids help the skin stay hydrated, firm, toned, and can even fend off skin issues like acne.

Balances sebum: Sebum is an oily substance created by your body to protect your skin. When your skin is out of whack and over produces sebum it can cause a greasy appearance and clog your pores. Watermelon seed oil can help break down daily grime that’s sitting on your face and work to balance your natural sebum protection. 

Vitamin E: It can help your immune system, even when only placed on your skin. Watermelon seed oil also contains Vitamins A and B, which can detox and heal the your complexion.

Loads of antioxidants: The holy grail of skincare! The antioxidants in watermelon seed slow the aging process, protect against free radicals, promote elasticity (aka the opposite of wrinkles) and repair skin via healthy nutrition for the skin.

Anti-inflammatory: It’s even been shown to reduce bloat or general inflammation around the face and eyes.

The oil is also high in Omega fats, minerals, and healthy acids, so it’s a true superstar when it comes to nutritional value for your skin. And for this reason, it’s a major part of our beauty routine, especially when it comes to the cleansing process. Ahhh, even more reason to love the cute pink and green summer fruit (and those once-annoying seeds!).