Let's Talk Jade Facial Rollers
March 08, 2019

Let's Talk Jade Facial Rollers

We've seen everyone from Vogue to Reddit touting the magic of jade rollers, so we just had to see what all the fuss was about! We put it to the test and turns out, not only do jade rollers look super chic on your vanity and feel like a dream on your skin, they do in fact stimulate lymphatic drainage: the flushing of bacteria and toxins via the liquids stored in your tissues. Fewer toxins = brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin.


The cool touch of the stone calms inflammation, while the rolling mechanism allows an unbroken point of contact. Applying medium pressure ensures a deep facial massage that stimulates the circulatory system and, when used in the right direction, pushes the lymph (or the liquid in your body's tissues) to the lymph nodes. 


The nodes are where white blood cells destroy any bacteria picked up by the lymph as it circulates the body. When a node gets backed up with bacteria, it swells; this is why many diseases and infections are marked by swollen lymph nodes. You can help your body push bacteria and toxins to these areas rich in white blood cells by regularly massaging your face and body, drinking plenty of water, getting lots of exercise, and eating plenty of whole plant foods.



The key here for ultimate results in plumper, lifted skin, is to massage or roll your skin upward and outward. Glide your jade roller or fingers from your nose to your temples, your mouth to under your ear, and from between your brows up and out to your hairline.