Agrio Oat & Milk Mask

Smooth calming blend of Wild Oats, Cooling Goats Milk and Calming Aloe Powder mixed with healing Benonite Clay.


Mix 1 tbsp of Mask to 1 tbsp of honey or water in a small bowl using a wooden spoon or your finger making a paste. Apply across clean skin and massage gently to exfoliate. Let set for 10-15 minutes. A cooling feel and light tightness is normal. Wash clean with cool water and apply a serum or facial oil to seal in moisture. 

Scent Profile: Oats

Dry Texture: Medium Coarse Powder

Mixed Texture: Slightly Textured Mud


Avena sativa (Oats)*, Natural Benonite Clay, Organic Goats Milk, Aloe vera (Aloe) Powder, Matricaria recutita (Chamomile) flowers

 *Gluten Free (GF)

Gentle enough for weekly use.